Elle is a self-taught artist based out of Washington state. Light, contrast, and capturing a spin on the every day ordinary is what inspires her work. Using oil paint as her preferred medium for the past six years has helped to establish an impressionistic style involving bold brushwork and elements that entertain temperature, a colorful palette, and unique composition. 

Along with being an artist, Elle is a stay at home mother raising two beautiful daughters and is the wife to a fully supportive husband. Her vision is to balance the two as she grows in her artistic talent. The past year her focus has been engaging in the Pacific Northwest community, maintaining a daily painting habit, and connecting with other local talents in the online community. A result of this focus, Elle has been invited to be the featured artist in a handful of locations as well as her work is currently being carried in multiple places ranging from the popular coffee shops and restaurants to home decor stores and fine art galleries. 

Glancing forward, Elle is adding workshops for the first time to her busy schedule in hopes to better connect people to art and share in her methods of creating!